The Pasture Dairy Center is a research area first. We currently offer guided tours  for agricultural professionals, farmers. To schedule a tour please fill out the  Group Tour Contact Form Find more information about visiting on the KBS tour page .  We hold  themed open house events throughout the summer. Open house events are the best time for the public to visit the Pasture Dairy Center. people will  get a chance to talk with staff about ongoing research,   pasture management and more. There is no charge to attend the Pasture Dairy Centers open house events. See our upcoming events page for current open house information or visit the KBS events calendar   

Workshops & Field Days''

We host professional development workshops and field days designed to inform agricultural professionals, farmers, and educators about our ongoing research.  Please see our past workshops or upcoming events for current program opportunities.  

Interpretive Area

In the interest of ongoing animal behavior research, visitors are restricted to the robotic milking viewing area.  We ask visitors to not approach cows located in the barn or pasture.  Approaching cows will disrupt ongoing research.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. The robotic milking viewing area is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00  p.m. (closing at 5:00 p.m. in the winter).  There is no fee for visiting the Robotic Milking Facility. Please see visitor guidelines below. 

Dairy Visitor Guidelines

To protect research, animal health, and the safety of farm staff and visitors, the dairy has established the following visitor guidelines:


  1. If you have been on a farm located out of the country in the past 14 days, do not enter the farm.
  2. Stay in designated areas.
  3. No pets allowed in dairy facilities.
  4. If you are coming from or going to another farm, plastic shoe covers are available for your use.
  5. Watch for farm equipment and stay away from electric fences.
  6. Please sign in. A visitor book is in the Pasture Dairy Center observation room.
  7. Wash or sanitize your hands before leaving the farm.